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Minggu, 20 November 2011

So Buzy!

hello blog, long time no see!

The reason why I seldom really open my blog is none other than school! Yes, now I was in high school, I did not have much free time anymore. I just went to school and learn for the next day. Sad indeed and very boring!

But because I also learned to be based on the mood, so when the mood going down I use a very short time to read a novel or watching a Korean drama:)

Oiyah guys, now I also have entered the School Final Exam week. Arghhh! I really hate this week. But I need a vacation come sooner. I need my quiet days that I can always enjoy.

So many story I want to tell you . But I can't tell you now. I promise, later after the week ending my exam I promise will post again. Bye!

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