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Kamis, 20 Januari 2011

That Should Be Me - Justin Bieber

4th award :D

wow ! thanks to my best friend Josephine Angeliaa she give mee a stylish blogger award :p

1. Thank and link to the person who awarded this award i've mentioned before : angel :)
        2. Share 8 things about myself

          1. i love my God so much !
          2. i really into at photography :)
          3. i'm not a fashionista but i like fashion a little bit.
          4. i love my friends a lot :*
          5. i have a lot of things to do at home  (ex : texting/chatting :p)
          6. i just realize that the best place ever is my room :D
          7. i love shopping but i rarely do it because i don't have a lot of money

          8. i love to read a novel.

       3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that I've recently discovered
          1. Kezia Mariska
          2. Vilda Witaria
          3. Dina Laurensia
          4. Orchid Beatrix
          5. Selvi Lorraine
          6. Ignatia Puput
          7. Anastasia Sonia
          8. Amanda Indriani

      4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award
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